If you want to change kernel on C1 instance

Try to change kernel your host is running by changing bootscript in server settings...

There are newer kernels listed + rescue option.

Server doesn't boot with new kernel (except rescue)...

You want to change bootscript (kernel) back, but there is no such option in dropdown list :)

I tried to create volume snapshot and create new server from it... Bootscript is inherited from original server -> FAIL.

I tried to list bootscripts with curl... Only the ones showed in drop-down are shown -> FAIL.

The solution:
  • boot new server with same image

  • install scw from

  • scw login

  • scw ps

  • scw inspect <new_server>, find out bootscript ID from it

  • destroy <new_server>

  • find out server ID that you are having bootscript problem (cloud console)

  • finally, execute:

    curl -s<server_id> --header 'X-Auth-Token: <token>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PATCH -d '{"bootscript": "<bootscript_id>"}'

    Token can be taken from Credentials page (create new if it doesn't exist, should be created by scw steps before anyway).