Mailman translation

Prieš N (beveik 10) metų verčiau Mailman'o instaliaciją, kad atrodytų žmogiškiau bei man priimtiniau (dėl skonio nesiginčijama).

Vakar teko instaliuot Mailman 2.0, ir galvojau kaip čia iš naujos ir senos versijų vertimų padaryti vieną. Išsigelbėjimas:

msgcat --use-first -F -o mailman_new.po mailman215ltpb.po mailman22lt.po
msgfmt ...
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FreeBSD, virtualenv, pysqlite

By default build fails with undefined SQLITE_ symbols, which is normal given that setup.cfg from pysqlite tarball contains commented out include_dirs and library_dirs...

This in ~/.pydistutils.cfg fixes the issue (for now):

[build_ext] include_dirs=/usr/local/include library_dirs=/usr/local/lib
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VirtualBox 4.3 VM creation through cli

Script to automatically create VirtualBox VM, booting from iso with custom kickstart and simple install. VirtualBox 4.3.0 cannot do ipxe boot on host having Core Duo cpu, so here's simple workaround - boot from iso and automatically use custom kickstart:

port=`VBoxManage list -l ...
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Giant Expressway 1 (2013)

Giant Express 1 (2013)


Sizes:One Size Fits Most
Frame:ALUXX-Grade Aluminum, Folding


Handlebar:Alloy, Flat, 28.6
Stem:Alloy Folding
Seatpost:Alloy, 30.9
Saddle:Giant Comfort, Multidensity
Pedals:Resin Compact Folding


Shifters:Shimano Acera
Rear Derailleur:
 Shimano Altus
Brakes:Alloy, Direct Pull
Brake Levers:Alloy ...
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